10 Mejores Animes parecidos a Beastars

10 Mejores Animes parecidos a Beastars
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¿Te mueres por ver animes parecidos a Beastars? ¿Estás buscando un anime como Beastars?

Tenemos la solución. Es muy probable que has disfrutado como nunca con Beastars, y por ese motivo estamos 100% seguros de que te encantará este TOP 10 alucinante.
Siento decirte que no es factible traer a Legoshi Legoshi de vuelta junto a sus enemigos. Por ese motivo te prometemos que podrás comentar con tus amigos esta lista TOP 10 de animes como Beastars.

TOP 10 animes como Beastars: Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows

Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows is an anime como Beastars:
Hemos escogido el popular anime Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows para esta posición. Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows fue retransmitido por primera vez para el público en 2016, desde ese momento se convirtió en un anime de culto. El anime tiene una nota en Sensei Anime con un 8,74 sobre 10.

Aquí tienes la Sinopsis en inglés:
For the longest time, it’s just been the two of them. “Kanojo” and her cat Daru are inseparable, having grown up together.

Now a junior in college, Tomoka—her roommate of a year and a half—moves out of their shared apartment, and in order to keep her living space, Kanojo must find a job. Day by day, Daru watches her continued efforts from a cat’s-eye view, eagerly awaiting his owner’s return.

When she gets back, once again, it’s just she and her cat.Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows is a charming short series about the bond between a pet and his owner.

TOP 9 animes como Beastars: Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector

Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector is an anime como Beastars:
No nos hemos olvidado del archiconocido anime Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector. Recomendamos profundamente disfrutar de las aventuras de Arata. ¡Date prisa! El anime (película) está basado en una novela anime.

Sinopsis en inglés:
The film will conclude the story of season 3 on the case of the “Foxes” being pursued by Unit 1, the Bifrost mystery, and Arata and Kei’s battle.

TOP 8 animes parecidos a Beastars: FLCL

FLCL is an anime parecidos a Beastars:
No nos hemos olvidado del popular anime FLCL. FLCL fue emitido por primera vez 2000, a partir de ese instante se convirtió en una serie de culto. El anime es uno de los más puntuado actualmente.

Te dejamos la Sinopsis en inglés:
Naota Nandaba is an ordinary sixth grader living in a city where nothing amazing ever seems to happen. After his brother Tasuku leaves town to play baseball in America, Naota takes it upon himself to look after everything Tasuku left behind—from his top bunk bed to his ex-girlfriend Mamimi Samejima, who hasn’t stopped clinging to Naota since Tasuku left.

Little does Naota know, however, that his mundane existence is on the verge of being changed forever: enter Haruko Haruhara, a Vespa-riding, bass guitar-wielding, pink-haired psychopath whose first encounter with Naota leaves him with tire tracks on his back and a giant horn on his head. Though all he wants is some peace and quiet, when Haruko takes up residence at his parents’ home, Naota finds himself dragged into the heart of the greatest battle for supremacy that Earth—and quite possibly the entire universe—has ever seen.

TOP 7 animes como Beastars: One Outs

One Outs is an anime parecidos a Beastars:
Sería raro no añadir One Outs para nuestra lista. La primera vez que se emitió en TV One Outs fue en Oct 8, 2008, y fue todo un éxito para los fans del anime. One Outs cuenta con 25 episodios, y en la actualidad se encuentra finalizado.

Aquí tienes la Sinopsis en inglés:
Toua Tokuchi is an athlete by profession, but a reckless gambler at heart. On the streets of Okinawa, he uses nothing but his wits and a “fastball” peaking at a mere 134 kmph to somehow achieve 499 wins in the game of “One Outs,” a simplified version of baseball between the pitcher and one batter.

Amazed by Toua’s unique prowess on the mound, veteran slugger Hiromichi Kojima artfully scouts the pitcher for his long unsuccessful team, the Saikyou Saitama Lycaons. Kojima desperately hopes Toua will lead them to the championship; however, Tsuneo Saikawa, the mercenary owner of the Lycaons, sees the vastly talented pitcher as a threat to the income generated by the team.

Rising to the challenge of swaying the owner, Toua suggests a one-of-a-kind “One Outs” contract: every out Toua pitches will earn him five million yen, but with every run he gives up, he will lose fifty million yen.Adapted from the manga by Shinobu Kaitani of Liar Game fame, One Outs documents the intense psychological battles between Toua and those around him.

With millions of yen at stake, can a pitcher who has done nothing but gamble in a head-to-head imitation of baseball finally lead a real baseball team to victory?

TOP 6 animes parecidos a Beastars: Id:Invaded

Id:Invaded is an anime parecidos a Beastars:
En nuestra list no podía faltar el gran anime Id:Invaded. En este anime, podemos disfrutar los viajes de Akihito, con la voz de Tsuda, Kenjirou. El anime ha conseguido una nota por los fans con un 9,01 sobre 10.

La Sinopsis en inglés:
The Mizuhanome System is a highly-advanced development that allows humans to enter one of the most intriguing places in existence—the mind of a criminal. Appearing as a bizarre mess of thoughts, an id well is the manifestation of a murderer’s unconscious mind.

Kura, a specialized police squad, is tasked with analyzing these complex psychological planes to track down the culprits. Brilliant detective Sakaido assists the police by investigating the id wells and piecing together the countless clues scattered within.

However, there is a rule regarding those who enter the id wells: you are only permitted to dive into one if you have killed someone yourself. Such is the case for former detective Akihito Narihisago, Sakaido’s real-world counterpart.

Two years ago, his daughter was brutally murdered by a serial killer, driving Narihisago to seek his revenge.Despite finding himself on the other side of the law, Narihisago nevertheless continues to assist the police.

While his detective skills continue to prove useful toward the investigations, Narihisago discovers he may not have everything figured out—especially regarding those he despises most, serial killers.

TOP 5 animes como Beastars: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is an anime parecidos a Beastars:
Hemos seleccionado el fabuloso anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni para nuestro TOP. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni fue retransmitido por primera vez para el público en 2006, desde ese momento se convirtió en un anime de culto. El anime está basado en una una novelaa gráfica.

Sinopsis en inglés:
Keiichi Maebara has just moved to the quiet little village of Hinamizawa in the summer of 1983, and quickly becomes inseparable friends with schoolmates Rena Ryuuguu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Houjou, and Rika Furude. However, darkness lurks underneath the seemingly idyllic life they lead.

As the village prepares for its annual festival, Keiichi learns about the local legends surrounding it. To his horror, he discovers that there have been several murders and disappearances in the village in the recent years, and that they all seem to be connected to the festival and the village’s patron god, Oyashiro.

Keiichi tries to ask his new friends about these incidents, but they are suspiciously silent and refuse to give him the answers he needs. As more and more bizarre events occur, he wonders just what else his friends might be keeping from him, and if he can even trust them at all.

When madness and paranoia begin taking root in Keiichi’s heart, he will stumble straight into the mysteries at work in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, a story that is told across multiple arcs.

TOP 4 animes parecidos a Beastars: Paprika

Paprika is an anime parecidos a Beastars:
Hemos seleccionado el popular anime Paprika para nuestro TOP. Recomendamos profundamente seguir las aventuras de Paprika. ¡No lo dudes! Paprika ha sido puntuado por los fans con un 9,08 sobre 10.

Aquí tienes la Sinopsis, pero en inglés:
The world of dreams can be an incredible window into the psyche, showing one’s deepest desires, aspirations, and repressed memories. One hopeful tech lab has been developing the “DC Mini,” a device with the power to delve into the dreams of others.

Atsuko Chiba and Kosaku Tokita have been tirelessly working to develop this technology with the hopes of using it to deeply explore patients’ minds and help cure them of their psychological disorders.However, having access to the deepest corners of a person’s mind comes with a tremendous responsibility.

In the wrong hands, the DC Mini could be used as a form of psychological terrorism and cause mental breakdowns in the minds of targets. When this technology is stolen and people around them start acting strangely, Atsuko and Kosaku know they have a serious problem on their hands.

Enlisting the help of Officer Konakawa, who has been receiving this experimental therapy, they search both the real and dream worlds for their mental terrorist.

TOP 3 animes parecidos a Beastars: Mawaru Penguindrum

Mawaru Penguindrum is an anime parecidos a Beastars:
Este TOP no sería lo mismo sin el perfecto anime Mawaru Penguindrum. Mawaru Penguindrum fue emitido por primera vez para el público en 2011, dese entonces se convirtió en un éxito mundial. El anime viene de la mano de los estudios Brain’s Base, y eso es suficiente garantía de éxito.

Aquí tienes la Sinopsis en inglés:
For the Takakura family, destiny is an ever-spinning wheel, pointing passionately in their direction with equal tides of joy and sorrow before ticking on to the next wishmaker. With their parents gone, twin brothers Kanba and Shouma live alone with their beloved little sister Himari, whose poor health cannot decline any further.

On the day Himari is given permission to temporarily leave the hospital, her brothers take her out to the aquarium to celebrate, where the family’s supposed fate is brought forth with her sudden collapse. However, when Himari is inexplicably revived by a penguin hat from the aquarium’s souvenir shop, the hand of fate continues to tick faithfully forward.

With her miraculous recovery, though, comes a cost: there is a new entity within her body, whose condition for keeping her fate at bay sends the boys on a wild goose chase for the mysterious “Penguin Drum.” In their search, the boys will have to follow the threads of fate leading from their own shocking past and into the lives of other wishmakers vying for the Penguin Drum, all hoping to land upon their chosen destiny.

TOP 2 animes parecidos a Beastars: Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman: Crybaby is an anime parecidos a Beastars:
Hemos escogido el fabuloso anime Devilman: Crybaby para nuestra lista. En este anime, podrás ver los viajes de Akira, con el alucinante doblaje de Uchiyama, Kouki. El ONA es uno de los más valorado este otoño.

Sinopsis en inglés:
Devils cannot take form without a living host. However, if the will of an individual is strong enough, they can overcome the demon and make its power their own, becoming a Devilman.

Weak and unassuming, Akira Fudou has always had a bleeding heart. So when his childhood friend Ryou Asuka asks for his help in uncovering devils, Akira accepts without hesitation.

However, to Akira’s surprise, the place they go to is Sabbath: an immoral party of debauchery and degeneracy. Amidst bloodshed and death, demons possess the partiers, turning their bodies into grotesque monsters, and begin wreaking havoc.

In a reckless attempt to save his best friend, Akira unwittingly merges with the devil Amon and becomes a Devilman, gaining the power to defeat the remaining demons.Though it grants him great power, this new partnership awakens an insatiable and primeval part of Akira.

Having the body of a devil but the same crybaby heart, Akira works alongside Ryou, destroying those that harm humanity and his loved ones.

TOP 1 animes parecidos a Beastars: Mousou Dairinin

Mousou Dairinin is an anime como Beastars:
Hemos escogido el archiconocido anime Mousou Dairinin para nuestra lista. Mousou Dairinin fue emitido por primera vez 2004, desde ese momento se convirtió en un anime de culto. Este anime está producido por WOWOW, Asmik Ace, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, es decir, calidad asegurada.

La Sinopsis en inglés:
The infamous Shounen Bat (Lil’ Slugger) is terrorizing the residents of Musashino City. Flying around on his rollerblades and beating people down with a golden baseball bat, the assailant seems impossible to catch—much less understand.

His first victim, the well-known yet timid character designer Tsukiko Sagi, is suspected of orchestrating the attacks. Believed only by her anthropomorphic pink stuffed animal, Maromi, Tsukiko is just one of Shounen Bat’s many victims.

As Shounen Bat continues his relentless assault on the town, detectives Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa begin to investigate the identity of the attacker. However, more and more people fall victim to the notorious golden bat, and news of the assailant begins circulating around the town.

Paranoia starts to set in as chilling rumors spread amongst adults and children alike.Will the two detectives be able to unravel the truth behind Shounen Bat, or will the paranoia get to them first?

Has echado en falta algún anime en este TOP 10? Te gustaría enviar esta lista con tu familia? Cuál de estos animes crees que sería el mejor anime parecido a Beastars?
¡Cuéntanos tus animes favoritos en los comentarios de abajo! Y si quieres, puedes también compartir tus inquietudes vía email (editorial@senseianime.com). Estamos esperando tu opinión. Gracias a ellos mejoramos cada día un poco más y hacemos nuevos artículos como éste.

0Birdie, que ya ha visto todos los episodios de Beastars, nos ha preguntado:

Cómo estáis S.A., enhorabuena por el sitio. Soy un gran fan de este sitio.
Es posible que Beastars lanzará una nueva temporada? Creéis que Beastars estará disponible en HBO?

Loise, que ama los animes de aventuras, nos ha preguntado:

Cómo estáis Kawaii team , muchas gracias por todo. Cómo echo de menos Naruto!
Alguien ahí me dice algunos animes como Beastars? Me gustaría decir que hay un montón de animes como Beastars.

Sarah, que tiene 25 años, nos ha preguntado:

Qué pasa Kawaii team , gracias por el esfuerzo. Me encanta leer vuestros artículos.
Volveremos a ver a Legoshi otra vez? Alguien ahí me dice algunos animes como Beastars?

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